Blog Tour: LB Dunbar’s The Quest of Perkins Vale

I am absolutely thrilled to be featuring this on my main blog page, but since this is a rockstar romance series, I feel it certainly belongs here too. Please take some time to check it all out, including an exclusive author interview, the first chapter of the book, and my reviews of the gist three books in the Legendary Rockstars series.

LaDonna's Book Nook

I am beyond thrilled to have LB Dunbar and Perkins Vale here on the blog today, and even more excited to let you know we have an exclusive interview with Ms. Dunbar.  So enjoy it all, and I will also include my review of Perk’s book at the end, and will revive my reviews of Arturo’s and Lansing’s books as well – this is a series you won’t want to miss a word of!  (And we also have the first chapter of Perkin’s book to share in case you need any additional encouragement! )

TQFPV Tour banner

Title: The Quest For Perkins Vale (Legendary Rock Star #3)

Author: L.B. Dunbar

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 22, 2015



I’m not sure I know what to think of the girl I’ve searched for since I was thirteen; she isn’t exactly how I remembered her.

I’m twenty-five, a guy and a virgin. Yep, you…

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