Rocktoberfest Author Spotlight Day 5 – Lisa Gillis

05 - Lisa Gillis

****** I am particularly thrilled to have Lisa Gillis here with us today to fight the Monday blahs.   I can honestly say this blog wouldn’t exist without her – she is the first “rockstar romance” author I came across, and she has become a fabulous friend in addition to being one of my favorite authors.   You are going to want to read every one of her books!   I honestly can’t seem to pick a favorite leading man – so many hot rockers to choose from!  But you can’t go wrong with any of them. ******

Reads that Rock 1

Go ahead and start stalking Lisa now at all of these places:

And then you can get started with any of her Six Silver Strings Series

Six Silver Strings 1

“A sexy, seductive rock star series”

D STRING Set: Rising Sun; Half Moon; Rock Stars
G STRING Set: Jack Who? Perfect Storms; Weathering Jack Storm; Snow Storms
+Storm Cells Novelettes: Difficult Date; June Bugs; Honeyed Moons
E STRING Set: A Shit Storm
Mirror Set/The ‘Eye’ Books are G-Strings Novels written in 1st POV with extra steamy scenes
Eye of the Storms
Storm’s Eye

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D String 1

****D STRING SET****

An epic trilogy about enduring friendships, the loyalty of family, and everlasting love.

The band, created by rebellious teen Jules Breaux began as something to fill the summer days, but through the next couple of years begins to fill the lapse in her life. Will the rise to fame of this band, that quickly became a fix for everything that felt wrong, begin to unravel the blanket of content that she finally feels?


If money could buy happiness Jules would not need a bottle to navigate her relationship. If a perfectionist were perfect Matt would not fail at the one thing he wants most. They are friends with extraordinary benefits in a band never meant to be. But what happens when future rock god, Matt Loren, wants bandmate, Jules Breaux, as more than a bedroom plaything? When it all comes down to love, is it more than a four letter word?


A glob of surfboard glue fixed the broken bed, but when it comes to emotional relationships-is the band the glue that holds personal relationships together? Will love, family, and friendship survive when the band begins to fall apart? When balsawood and rosewood collide in a very real fear of fate, which will reign?


As teenagers, Jules Breaux and Matt Loren had taken their band from the clubs of LA, to arenas and stadiums all around the world. Will a love, that continued to brightly burn through the years, be strong enough to withstand a new onslaught of trials?

The D String SET begins in Los Angeles and spans a decade when rock music spawned legends, families lived the after effects of the draft, surfing primed, and a drought dried up the state. Time matures a rebellious teen into a talented young woman. Live a vinyl journey through the 70’s, a period of political unrest and memorable events. Watch as surfing and skateboarding become a culture. Listen as music changes, and rock and roll is reshaped. Walk the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Rising Sun 1

RISING SUN EXCERPT: The surf was now coming in stronger, so she stood up to move it, and added, “How many times can I apologize?” She’d been the one to remove his guitar from their packed gear, assuring him there was one in the beach house.
With the chair in her hand, and magazine in other, she couldn’t fend him off when he retaliated by pulling her back against his wet length, and by grabbing her. He couldn’t seem to get enough of the little bit of weight gain covered at the moment by her bikini top.
“Can I help it if I like your apologies?”
Jules tried to glare at him, but she couldn’t. The memory he’d just alluded to was only a few weeks old. They had been alone in his bedroom, and she couldn’t even remember what she had been sorry for. It had been something silly… just an excuse to goof off… to fool around… to go down.
The blush heating her face had to be visible even in the hot sun. Thankfully, both Candi and Marc were somewhere on a wave far behind them as Matt was just coming in from an attempted ride on the board. Several people were scattered on the beach, but seemed to be paying no mind to them. It was a good thing. Because Matt must have remembered the aforementioned apology in detail as soon as he said it.
“You have only yourself to blame.” Jules told him when she felt his plight.
“That’s just not true. I blame you. Surfing in your little bikini. Sitting here in your little bikini…”
His hands had dropped to her waist. Maybe in self-defense to remind her she was a human shield. Water dripped from his hair as he bent his head, speaking his seductive words right next to her ear. Seducing her in front of at least a dozen people, ankle deep in high tide, at high noon.

G String 1



Jack Storm is more than a tour bus bang. He’s a secret to keep at all costs–except one.

Marissa is a craps dealer, and in one quick second she never wants to remember, her life turns to crap. Her best friend convinces her the cure for a breakup is a hookup, and reluctantly, she heeds this advice.

However, Jack (what was his name again?) is not the average girl’s revenge fling.

Women throw themselves at Jack, toss their lingerie on the stage, and scream his name. Marissa has no idea of his public identity, and while she doesn’t initially throw herself at him, she does go on to toss aside her lingerie and ultimately scream his name.

Five minutes after parting, she holds no illusions about seeing him again, but does vow a new outlook on her life and herself.

Five months later, Jack astounds her with an invitation to Los Angeles. Although Jack is now a star in her very non rock star fantasies, Marissa is concealing a huge secret that prevents her from accepting.

Five years later, the secret comes out, and despite the conflicting emotions each feels toward the other, they must bridge their two worlds together.

Jack Who? is a one night stand gone awry, and a couple who work together years later for a fix.


Falling in love with Jack was easy, but there is nothing easy about staying in love with this arrogant rock star while settling into a new life in Los Angeles.

The epic love of Jack and Marissa continues.

Marissa and Tristan in his life changed his outlook. Jack felt needed. He welcomed the responsibility of a family. He embraced the love and companionship. Quickly, he whisked his son and the intriguing woman he had never forgotten to his home in LA.

To Marissa, her future seemed as mysterious as dusk’s shimmering shadows beneath the surface of the luxurious guitar shaped pool. There was no doubt this could be her dream house, her dream life with the man she loved. Not so dreamy was all that she was beginning to see packaged with him.

The crazy hours of a very active life. The garbage behind the glam. Mostly, a moody and presumptuous rock star whose public persona is opposite of the sweet celebrity she fell for.

It all begins with one wrong wish on a star—a ROCK STAR.

Jackal has retired but their fan base lives on. Jack and Marissa are still a super couple who see very little peace in public. Ready to live incog, they contemplate a move to Dallas—roots of the Loren family tree, and home of the family label.

Christmas is coming, and Jack Junior is not the only one with a wish list. The Jackal fan site once had a Holiday tradition of indulging five lucky fans with a Christmas wish. This year, a fan manages to contact Jack with a very special wish.

A wish that unearths a scandal Jack tried to leave in his past.

When history begins repeating itself, he finds that the past is always a part of the present. But with one brightly wrapped present, will this particular part of his past forever change his future?

To complicate matters, this Holiday Season, Marissa is hiding more than Christmas presents. For starters, her complicated relationship with Jack’s sister reaches a new level of craziness. Also, simmering beneath a Christmas colored surface is a psycho situation she cannot see coming.

LA may be hot, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of snow.

Storm 1

WEATHERING JACK STORM EXCERPT: “Maybe I should verify that. After all, you’ve had a couple of drinks…”
His head disappeared beneath the surface. When he came back up, she was gasping. Rewarding her with one of his smirks, he went back down.
A wary eye remained on their guests but no one turned their heads while she was getting head. With his first dunk, Jack had teased over her swimsuit and now he wasted no time hooking one finger and dragging the thin strip aside. His hair floated around this fiery kiss, tickling her thighs and stomach as his tongue branded her.
He came up for air and leaned his forehead on hers.
“Don’t always think the worst of me…”
“I don’t. I asked… and you said… and I just misunderstood.”
“I’m sorry…” He kissed the apology from his mouth to hers as he dipped a hand inside the front of the swimsuit. “I thought I was looking out for you…”
“And this morning?”
“I was giving you something to think about in the shower.”
“What made you so sure I was going to take a shower?”
“I don’t know. Maybe because I took a long one myself. Did you?”
Raggedly, she made the truthful admission while he made her crazy with his lips on her neck and the tease of his hands. Since his body was blocking her from the portico, she didn’t protest at first, too caught up to care about anything outside their make-out session.
He discovered that her swimsuit unhooked from the shoulders. Peeling it down, he played with the unveiled curves. When he knelt enough to put his mouth to them, she snapped back to reality and looked over his head to the party beyond.
A nip. A tongue lash. A suck. His knee moved up keeping warm that part of her body still throbbing from this same treatment. Jack stood up enough to rub another kiss to her lips and to push the fabric to her waist. When she felt the drag of it over her hips, she protested.
“Seriously? With everyone just right there?”
Was this the rock star life? Yet, she knew the answer. No one had taken notice yet.
Jack’s answer was a simple rock star answer. Barely raising his lips from hers, he raised his voice, and it carried over his shoulder across the water.
“Party’s over! Bye!”
E String 1
Tristan Loren, son of former rock star Jack Storm, is the first to admit he’s lived a privileged life.

However, the top schools, the best games, phones, and cars, the motocross track winding around the back acreage of his family home, and the finest of whatever his heart desires has come with strangers yelling for his attention and camera flashes in his face. Even though his father retired the spotlight and moved the family from L.A., their lives are rarely incognito.

His classmates have visions of college life in the fall following senior year, while his fantasy is a normal existence. Whatever normalcy is, he’s sure it’s not graduating with honors–and an unopened condom in his billfold.

Aside from having a paranoid mom who makes it her mission to see that he’s never alone with a girl, he wants his first time to be with someone who doesn’t know him as Jack Storm-of-the-multi-platinum-Jackal Junior.

Chasing the vision of a woman and a world who doesn’t know of him takes him from the sunshiny suburbs of Dallas to the snowy streets of Detroit.

When he sees Sash in person, the girl he’s texted, phoned, and Skyped for the better part of a year, he’s drawn to her secret smile, and the tattooed half sleeves decorating her arms. Her fiery, fun demeanor and musical skills make her seem the soul mate he’s been seeking.

But Sash has her own secrets—secrets that make him wish he’d never met her. Falling for Sash and finding his own identity may cost him more than what’s in his wallet.

A Shit Storm can stand alone but for fans of Six Silver Strings Series, this novel is the first in the E-String Set and includes scenes with characters from G-Strings and D-Strings with several appearances of Jack and Marissa Storm.

 Storm 2
That’s what good friends do, right? They drop everything in a crisis. And they tell you when you’re being a dumbass.”
“Am I being a dumbass?” My feet widen into a defensive stance even though it is only words she’s just hurled at me. Her next sentence clears things up, and I realize I’ve tried to read between her lines when I shouldn’t have.
“No, I am. Mindi told me I am. But I already was beginning to realize that.”
I’m not sure I like what she’s inferring—that she’s talked to Mindi about us. But I know how girls are. Men are different. Sladen and I never said a word about what he saw go down between Sash and me earlier. But women are all about talking their emotions out with other women. Which I will never understand. Because information in the wrong females’ hand is a dangerous thing.
“Are you going to say anything? Or just let me keep babbling about how sorry I am?”
“Sorry? This is the first I’ve heard the word sorry.”
“Don’t be a dick. I’m sorry, okay? You hear that?”
I’m trying to protect my heart now when I’ve seen how easily she can crush it. But the emotion in her tone gets to me, and I peer into her face, trying to read her shadowy features. I hunker down so close I can feel her breath, and I pull her waist to me. “Say it again…”
“I’m sorry, Trey. I’m so sorry.”
“Not that. The other part…”
She stills, and I feel, more than see, her confused gaze on my face. “The other part?”
“Yeah. I never heard that word before from your pretty lips.” And without waiting for her to reply, I kiss those luscious lips. Because the next time I hear that word, I want her to be begging me, not cursing me.
 Reads that Rock 2
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