Rocktoberfest Author Spotlight Day 11 – Bella Jeanisse

11 - Bella Jeannise


****** A very hot and steamy welcome today to Bella Jeanisse!   If you don’t know her yet, she is guaranteed to heat up your Sunday!  Here was my first reaction upon finishing her latest release, Triple Threat XXXhanced Version – “Rockstar Erotica Perfection.”  If you love your rockstars down and dirty, you have found your new favorite author! ******

Speaking of Triple Threat, let’s start there!

Triple Threat like you’ve never seen them before. 14 added chapters to enjoy!

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TT 1

*** WARNING: This contains vulgar language. ***

Reckless is where it all started. Crystal’s first band. It was dream she didn’t expect to come true, since Chad’s friends saw her as a chick not a musician. She proved them all wrong:

“Wait. I play rhythm,” Phil countered, jolting me out of my fantasy.

Andy scowled. “Why the fuck’d you keep making decisions for all of us?”

Chad ignored Andy and laughed. “Sorry, man, but you suck. We need a roadie anyway.”

“F*ck that, man!” Phil put his guitar on a stand. “You can’t just bring some guy in here after we been working all these months.” He paused a few seconds. “Hey! What’d you mean I suck?”

Daniel was twirling a stick as he sat behind the drum set. “Well you do, dude. None of us wanted to tell you. Guess Chad finally got the balls.”

“If we wanna play gigs, we gotta sound good,” Jay added.

TT 2

Crystal met her dream man in college, but she never got the nerve to talk to him. He made her lose all thoughts and act very unlike herself. She resigned to only be with him in her dreams. Until one day he stood in her best friend, Chad’s garage.

Giovanni always had trouble expressing his feelings. When he met the beautiful brunette at school, he admired her from afar. No way did he think she felt the same. Even while in Chad’s garage, did he resist more than a few words and a smile. He was sure she was Chad’s girlfriend, although they didn’t announce it.

Chad watched the two of them shyly glance at each other. His heart broke. He wanted Crystal for himself. She refused to take things further than occasional make-out sessions. He knew their lives were going to change. He didn’t like it one bit.

TT 3

*** WARNING: This contains vulgar language, sexual situations. ***

Chad took my hand, and I led him to the balcony. “Wow, this is nice.” He dragged me to the railing and looked towards the ocean. “So romantic.”
I put my arms around him and leaned on his bare back. “Sometimes I open the window at night so I can hear the waves.” I absentmindedly ran my hands over his abs. “That makes it nice to stay here.” Then I realized my hands had traveled up to his chest.
“Baby, touch me here.” He took one of my hands and put it in his open pants. “Please, just rub it.” As soon as my fingertips brushed his shaft, I gripped it, and he sighed. “You got the perfect touch, baby.”
I ran my hand up and down his cock a few times, wishing I had it inside of me. Then I leaned on him more as I kept moving both of my hands. I closed my eyes when I felt my panties getting moist.
“Baby, I need you.” He turned around then quickly lifted me up with my legs around him. “I know you want me. I always know.” He got my back against a wall and kissed me. Then his hand was between my legs. “Mmmm, you’re so wet.”
I was overwhelmed with desire. I kissed him back with so much passion; I felt my need growing even stronger. “Fuck me now,” I softly said, desperate for him.

TT 4


Bella’s Current WIP – Silverblade

Read Silverblade free on Wattpad:

Here is an excerpt. Meet Zack…

This is still a work in progress, so forgive any errors.

*** WARNING: This contains vulgar language. ***

“Hey,” Tommy shouted when he noticed Shane approaching. “Thought you got lost.”
Shane gave him a half-smile. “Nah. Was talking to Jon for a while.” He nodded at the makeshift stage as he sat next to Tommy. “You seen them play besides Youtube?”
“I haven’t, but Crazy Mike has.” Tommy trusted Gasoline’s sound engineer. “He said the bassist is a diamond in the rough. From what he told me, the kid’s wasting his time with this band. He needs a band like you guys to really shine.”
That gave Shane some hope. He waited patiently. Their first song was familiar. It took him a few seconds to realize it was Gasoline’s “Party Hard.” He glanced at Tommy, who was grinning madly. What a first song choice. The band played several more covers, some requested by patrons of the bar. Women danced in front of the stage, staring at the band.
Shane was impressed by the entire group. The bassist was incredible as Tommy said. He did a few solos and sang backup along with the drummer. It was hard to tell how he actually sounded, since they sang together. On their first break, the bassist stepped into the throng of women and flirted. He didn’t let it go far, which was interesting. When the lead singer did the same, he allowed the girls to do what they wanted to him.
Zack Savage, bassist for Dangerzone, pulled away from the women trying to tear his shirt off. “I’ll take it off for our next set.”
He rolled his eyes as he finally got free and headed to the men’s room. His girlfriend had not come for moral support for a change. Every time she was absent, their few fans swarmed him. They constantly told him he was hot. He thought it was just the guitar.
On his way back to the stage, Zack noticed two men who seemed out of place. They were dressed the same as the others, but they didn’t look like they knew anyone but each other. It took a few more seconds for him to recognize Tommy Fischer. He had heard about Tommy and Jon Harris scouting for bands. Maybe they wanna sign us? That got him excited.
He rushed over to Stu, their lead singer. “Dude, I need to talk to you.” He tugged him away from the women hanging over him. “Seriously. Now.”
Stu groaned and followed Zack to the rear hallway. “What?”
“Dude, Tommy Fischer’s here!” Zack couldn’t contain his excitement. “Do you know what that fucking means?” He shook his friend. “A record deal if we impress him!”
Eyebrows furrowed, Stu glanced back at the bar. “Where?”
“There.” Zack pointed at Tommy.
Stu’s mouth dropped. “Holy shit! We need to step it up then. Who’s that guy he’s talking to?”
“No clue.” Zack jumped, hoping he could finally make real money. “We should do ‘Fast Lane.’ That’s complicated in every way.”
“Good idea.”
Shane looked up when he heard a short guitar riff. Then he smiled at the bass player who had shed his shirt. The young man was covered in tattoos and quite fit. No wonder the girls wanted his shirt off. He would fit right in. His sleeves rivaled Carter’s. The bassist winked at the crowd before them and stretched, showing off. Shane almost laughed. He reminded him of Troy.
Although Troy was faithful to his wife, that didn’t stop him from teasing his adoring fans. He had an amazing back piece of an angel that he showed off often. More than once, he flashed the women in front when he had an erection. Backstage, girls fought to get a piece of him, but all he offered was an autograph and picture. Patty never had to worry about him stepping out on her.
“Is he gonna sing or what?” Shane asked Tommy. When he didn’t get a response, he turned. Tommy had a chick standing between his legs, arms around her. “Never mind.”
The band started a new song, which Shane recognized right away. “’Fast Lane” was one of Silverblade’s most popular songs. His eyes went back to the stage. If they can pull this one off, I’ll be surprised. It was a song where he and Troy sang different lines at the same time. Troy had an elaborate solo. He and Carter played synchronously at times and Kyle went crazy. Not many attempted to play it at all.
Shane was in awe. Zack sang beautifully, and he played Troy’s part to the letter. He stared, not able to believe what he was seeing and hearing. “Told you not to give up!” Shane swore it was Troy’s voice. He quickly turned to Tommy who was oblivious. He’s the one, Troy? Shane was apprehensive about making a definitive decision.
As the night progressed, Shane couldn’t deny Zack was what he had been looking for. They had played a few other Silverblade songs, and Zack consistently blew him away. Zack riled up the girls when he showed off on this bass and flexed his muscles. He was much more handsome than the other members.
“Hey.” Tommy had come up for air and noticed the band played again. “He’s better than I thought.” The girl with her arms around his neck tried to tug his face back to his. “Babe, wait.” He watched the bassist intently. “Tell me you hear what I do.”
Shane nodded. “I do.” He also noticed the bassist was very young. “The kid’s amazing.”
“Kid?” Tommy looked closer. “Yeah. He’s gotta be early twenties, maybe.” He smiled as he watched him playing furiously. “You need to at least talk to him.”
For the first time, Shane knew he had hit the jackpot. He could almost hear Troy giving his blessing. “Yeah. Not letting this one go.”
While the band was breaking down the drum kit, Shane walked over to the stage. He waited for the bassist to be alone. “Hey. You’re amazing.”
Zack nodded, not really looking at Shane. “Thanks. We’re playing here again in three weeks.”
“Was hoping you were looking to join a new band.”
Confused, Zack studied the man only a few feet away. It can’t be. “Uh, not really looking. You, uh, you looking for someone?”
“Yeah.” Shane put a hand out. “I’m Shane. We need a bassist as talented as you.”
Zack stumbled back. Oh my fucking God. It’s him. “Sorry.” He got his bearings and shook Shane’s hand. “Wow. Shane Martin. Damn. Sorry. I’m kinda shocked.” He glanced around. “Wait. You want me to join Silverblade?”
“If we all mesh, yeah.” Shane smiled. “What’s your name?”
Nervously, Zack replied, “Uh, oh yeah. Zack, I’m Zack.”
“It’s cool.” Shane looked around to find Tommy walking their way alone. “We both think you’re great, but I’m not the only one in the band.”
Zack’s mouth dropped. “I knew to was you, Mr. Fischer.”
Tommy laughed as he stood next to Shane. “Guess it’s hard for me to fade into the background. You rock, man.”
“Thanks.” Zack wasn’t sure what to say.
Shane noticed Zack’s hands were shaking. “You busy tomorrow?”
“Uh, no.” Zack wished he could talk smoothly.
“How about you come out to my place about noon, and we do an interview of sorts? If it works out, we can jam with Carter and Kyle and see if there’s chemistry.”
Zack grinned excitedly. “I’ll be there.” He pulled out his phone. “Can we swap numbers, and you text me your address?”
“Sure.” Shane took Zack’s phone and sent himself a text. Then he used is own phone to reply with his address. “Do you write music too? You guys did all covers.”
“I do,” Zack admitted. “But these guys don’t like dark lyrics.”
Tommy laughed. “Sounds like Dean. Everything he writes is kinda gloomy.”
“It’s not that dark.” Zack was glad they weren’t laughing at him. “I just had a lotta crap in my life.”
Shane sighed. “I get it. Tomorrow we can talk about it if you like. Been in a bad place myself lately.”
“Right.” Zack felt bad he had forgotten. “I’m so sorry about Troy. I was


Since Halloween is on it’s way, maybe you’d like to check out a chapter from Gasoline 2, Evolving Urges. It’s up next from the World of Triple Threat.

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*** WARNING: This contains vulgar language, sexual situations. ***

This is still in the editing phase, so forgive any errors.

Dominic stepped out of his SUV. It was early afternoon and a typical autumn day, cool with a slight breeze. He looked up at the Science Building of Southwest New Jersey University. Memories of Claire flooded his mind. They had met in that very building, many years ago. The Scarefest that day was to take place between that building and the Music Building.
Hands moved over his middle. He looked down. Then he laid his hands over Noelle’s when she leaned into him from behind. “Sorry, I didn’t open your door.”
“It’s fine.” She softly asked, “You alright?”
He sighed. “’We met here. Me and Claire I mean.” He tugged her hands until she held him tightly. “I haven’t been back here since she died.”
“I thought this festival was special.” She was confused. “Don’t you do it every year?” She heard Jon talk about the school’s Halloween Festival as if he went yearly.
Dominic shrugged a shoulder. “I don’t. Jon and them get a guest guitarist every year. I couldn’t face this place, and they understood.”
“Then why are we here?” She laid her head on the back of his jacket.
He took a deep breath. “You helped me heal. I need to do this.” He quickly turned and took her in his arms. “I’m only here because of you.” He ran his hands down her leather coat.
“Hey.” Dean patted Dominic on the back. “You a’right?”
Dominic turned and smiled. Over the last two days, Dean had shown them he was truly sober. They practiced a few new songs for the festival and Dean never faltered. Even when Jon offered him a beer, he refused. That was progress.
“Memories,” Dominic answered.
Dean frowned. “Sorry. Glad you came, though.”
“It’s about time.” Dominic exhaled loudly. A bit of anxiety came back. “You look good. I’m proud of you.”
Shocked by the compliment, Dean smiled. “Thanks. It’s not easy.”
He wished he had avoided his bandmates. They had already started to pressure him that marijuana was no big deal. He had learned all drugs and alcohol were off limits if he wanted the program to work.
“I’m sure it isn’t.” Dominic stepped back from Noelle and gave Dean a brief hug. “You can do it though. Call me if you need support. We’re all here for you.”
“I will.” Dean looked up when he heard laughter. His bandmates had just pulled up. “We’re gonna get in one last practice. Gotta make sure my voice is ready.” He hadn’t sung at all while in rehab.
Dominic watched him walk away. For the first time in more than ten years, he was not worried that Dean would blow it again. It was a good feeling. Everyone around him bettered their life. He hoped he had encouraged that some.
With a smile, he took Noelle’s hand and led her to the outdoor stage area not far ahead. The area had been blocked off. It was there so students would not approach the musicians or interfere with the crews as they set things up. He waved at Sam, who stood in their second truck. It held their updated Halloween set among other things. It was a large set. Therefore, it needed to be put on stage first.
“You’re early,” Sam called as they stopped feet from truck’s the side door. “Tommy’s not even here.” He jumped down from the almost empty truck. “Jon’s here, but he got a call and walked that way.” He pointed to the Music building.
Dominic smiled. “We didn’t have anything to do.” They had actually come early so he could get over his nerves. “Need anything before I show Noelle around?”
“Nah.” Sam put a hand on Dominic’s shoulder. “We got this.”
Noelle felt the tremble as Dominic squeezed her hand. She leaned her head on his arm. “I’m right here.” She was proud he faced another fear.
As soon as Dominic relaxed again, they started to walk. He pointed out the different buildings and told her a few stories. Most were about Claire. Jon had taken a few classes there but mostly partied until he quit. The trip down memory lane was not as painful as he expected. He smiled when he relayed he had kissed Claire for the first time under a certain tree.
“Always the romantic,” Noelle said, glad he shared. “You didn’t go to frat parties. Did you?”
He shook his head. “I was never a player.” He cringed. “Well, not before her.” He took a deep breath. “When I was using, I was with a lotta girls. I woke up a few times to one on my dick.” He closed his eyes. “Sorry. I shoulda kept that to myself.”
“You don’t have to censor yourself.” She trusted him. “Who you were and who you are now are very different. I’m sure that was a rough period in your life. If I had gone through the same, I would have done anything to numb the pain.”
Dominic glanced at her. Her expression told him she didn’t hide her feelings. “When Jon got me to go back to med school, I was never sober. I have no idea how I even passed.” That time in his life was dark. School and music were all he had.
“You’ve come so far.” Noelle lifted his hand and kissed the back of it. They started to walk again and circled the entire campus.
Her mind drifted in the silence. That week, she spent most days jamming with her band via video chat. Between that and the time they spend together in Seattle, surprisingly, they were just about done with writing. Normally it took them months to have eight or ten songs complete. Everyone already had riffs or lyrics to contribute before they started. They fed off each other, and it flowed well, naturally. Unlike their last album, they didn’t bicker. It helped that almost everyone was in a good place in their life, and there was less stress financially.

 EU 1
Once near the Jeep again, Noelle leaned on the driver’s side door. “Is everyone dressing up?” They had costumes in the back of the vehicle.
“All the bands at least.” Dominic’s eyes swept the area to check for students. “The students were encouraged to dress up too. Some of them go all out. I saw the pictures from last year.”
He glanced at the stage. Their set was ready and covered up. That meant there was not much time until the place filled with people. Beyond the barriers, there was a long line. Since it was standing room only, the earlier you got there, the better spot you got. He unlocked the Jeep and grabbed the bag that held their clothes.
“Let’s get to the backstage area.” Dominic locked up and grabbed Noelle’s hand again.
Backstage was actually several trailers parked behind the stage, just beyond the trucks. One of which was used to eat and hang out. Tommy stood just outside with Sam. He saw Dominic and Noelle head their way. When Dominic said he would show that year, he was surprised but not shocked. He understood why Dominic had to stay away but knew how much he had healed since.
“Hey.” Tommy waved at them. “Pat and Eric are on their way with the boys.”
He hadn’t seen his brothers or Eric’s sons in a few months. Pat was still local, but he worked long hours as a chef. Eric moved to Washington DC with his second wife and youngest son but came up to see his oldest whenever he could.
The boys were two years apart. When Tommy found out his brother had cheated on his wife and knocked up the other woman, he laughed in his face. He had told him he played with fire. His wife divorced him so fast; he had nowhere to stay but the pregnant one’s place. Then he was stuck. They seemed happy though.
“I gotta go,” Sam said and walked toward the stage.
Dominic smiled. “Kaden is doing good on guitar.” He taught him to play. “Maybe I should offer to teach Adam too.”
“I doubt his mom’ll let Eric bring him around here often enough.” Tommy laughed. “She thinks rock music makes people do drugs. I bet she don’t know Adam’s coming to this tonight.”
Noelle didn’t know all the names, but figured out Pat and Eric were Tommy’s brothers. Adam had to be Eric’s other son. She had met Kaden when he came for a lesson the other day. His mother was nice but more reserved than she expected. The smile she gave Dominic told her they had something at one point. To not play the jealous girlfriend again, she didn’t ask.
“Are you dressing up too?” she asked Tommy.
Tommy grinned. “Yep. It’s tradition to wear a costume to this festival. The students get pretty creative. It’s fun anyway.”
“Who are you going to be?” She imagined it to be something sexy. An image of him naked came to mind. Stop thinking of that, she admonished herself.
Tommy winked. “You’ll see.” He nodded at Dominic. “What about you two?”
“I wanted to be Romeo and Juliet, but he refused to wear tights.” Noelle rolled her eyes. “I don’t understand why.”
With a laugh, Tommy replied, “I do. Ya couldn’t get me to wear ’em either.”
Dominic frowned. “Told you.” He sighed. “We settled on Danny and Sandy from Grease, the leather wearing versions.”
“Loved that movie.” Tommy nodded. “Good choice.” He waved to the trailer door. “If you’re hungry, food’s all set up.”
Noelle nudged Dominic in that direction. “He was too nervous to eat. So we skipped lunch.”
“Glad you decided to come.” Tommy patted Dominic’s shoulder as he stepped into the trailer. “I’m gonna go check with Jon.” He jumped to the ground from the makeshift porch. It only took him a few minutes to find Jon. “When are you changing?”
Jon’s eyebrows furrowed. “This is my costume.” He hated costumes but set that aside for the college festival every year.
“Who’re you supposed to be?” Tommy looked him over. Jon was wearing a tight black t-shirt, tan kakis and a fake badge around his neck. He looked like half the cops in movies and television.
“Isn’t it obvious? Dwayne Johnson in Fast Five.” That was his favorite movie series. Something he had in common with Sean.
“Uh, OK.” Tommy shook his head.
Two students with black armbands approached them. That allowed them access to the bands for the school newspaper. “Do you mind if we take a few candid shots, Mr. Harris and Mr. Fischer?”
“Go ahead.” Tommy shrugged a shoulder. “So, did Dean find out Rai
ning Black is playing before Triple Threat yet?”
Jon shook his head. “He’s not bitching so I assume not.”
The student with the camera asked, “Can we get a picture of you on your bike, Mr. Harris?”
Jon grinned. “Sure.”
“I’ll go look for Dean.” Tommy walked back to the trailers. He heard music from the last one. After he knocked loudly, he shouted, “Everybody decent?”
The door opened and Dean stuck his head out. “Hey, Tom. We were just getting in some practice.”
Tommy smiled at Dean’s outfit. He was obviously a zombie. “OK. Cool.”
“Come on in.” Dean smiled.
An eyebrow cocked, Tommy wondered if Dean hid something. He seemed happy, which was rare. “Uh, OK.” Then he realized if he were with Dean, he could see if Dean was truly clean. He stepped inside and sat in a free chair. “How’s it going?”
“Good.” Dean lifted his drink. “Just soda. I swear.”
Tommy glared at Dean. “You sure?”
“Yes.” He walked to Tommy and held the cup under his nose. “Told you. I’m not using or drinking.” He already refused some kind of pill from Bones. The rest of his band were persistent and tried to pour rum in his cup. They didn’t get it. “I’m clean now, and it’s gonna stay that way. Promise.”
All of Raining Black were dressed as zombies. With Dean in rehab, his bandmates thought they were off the bill. Dean only had 2 days to come up with something. Zombies were easy for Trip and Luis, Gasoline’s set designers. Dean had gone to them for help.
“So…” Tommy took a deep breath and expected a huge argument. “We changed the bill a bit. You guys’re going on before Triple Threat.”
Dean’s eyes opened wide. “Why?”
“Because they’re more popular and went to this school.” Tommy watched Dean for an adverse reaction. “They also have like 100 friends here and most of their family.”
Dean looked away and tried not to show it hurt that he had no one but his bandmates. His family was gone and friends rarely stuck around, usually because of his insane behavior. He was alone most of the time, unless he had a woman to screw. Even then, either they left quickly or he threw them out.
“It’s fine. I get it.” Dean turned to Tommy. “I’m lucky you guys even keep me around.” He had to force his voice to stay steady.
Footsteps from the back of the trailer caused everyone to look up. “What’s wrong, Dean?” Amanda, Jon’s sister asked.
Tommy’s mouth dropped. “Holy fuckin’ shit. What the hell’re you doing here?” He thought she hated Dean after how he treated her. “Jon’s gonna flip.”
“My sex life is not my brother’s business.” Amanda put her hands on her hips and glared at Tommy. “Got it?”
Confused as hell, Tommy stared for a few seconds. “Uh, OK.” She didn’t move toward Dean, so he wasn’t sure what was really going on. “You sure about this? You’re playing with fire.”
“That’s my problem.” Amanda stood her ground.
She was only interested in Dean because of his penis size and that he wasn’t afraid he would break her. Most men were too timid for her. She had no intention for their tryst to go beyond sex and lots of it. Dean was not the type a girl settled down with.
“It’s almost show time. So I gotta go anyway.” Tommy moved toward the door. “Let me know if you guys need anything.” He emceed that night, so he headed to the trailer where his bag was to change.
As Casting Nets, the opening band, walked onto the stage, Dominic and Noelle stood in a cordoned off area to the left of the stage. With them, were Anthony and the kids, Tommy’s brothers and nephews, Chad’s brothers and parents, as well as select friends. Each wore a black armband.
Dominic smiled as someone dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow grabbed a microphone. The outfit was detailed, down to the half-full bottle of rum. “Check it out.” He tapped Noelle’s shoulder, who had been talking to Theresa.
“Happy early Halloween,” Tommy shouted to the crowd. Then he winked at their concert photographer just below the stage.
His jaw wide open, Dominic couldn’t believe it was Tommy on the stage. “Wow.”
“Yeah.” Noelle hung on Dominic’s shoulder. She snapped gum as part of her get-up. “He looks good.”
Tommy looked the crowd over. “Seems most of you joined me in dressing up. What d’ ya think?” He turned around, hands up. Cheers and cries of his name were the reply. “Thanks. I worked hard on it.” He paused. “In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m Tommy Fischer of Gasoline.” More screams, mostly female. “Wow, stroking my ego today.” He bowed and feigned drunkenness as if he were the Johnny Depp character.
Dominic laughed. Like him, most had no idea who he was before he spoke. He shook his head. Several girls in front distracted Tommy with some skin. He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, “Get on with it!”
“OK. Enough about me. We’ve got some great bands for you tonight.” Tommy waved a hand at the all female band behind him. “Casting Nets is here.” He waited for the cheers to end. “Killed The Fixtion is here!” His eyebrows rose when the group got louder. “Glad you approve. Raining Black is ready to rock.” More girls than guys screamed for them. “Triple Threat is back to show you what graduating from this school did for them.” He was glad that got a huge reaction. “And to close the night… Gasoline.” The entire place erupted, and he grinned.
Meet the boys of Wicked End. They are kinky, loyal, talented and much more. This series is not for the closed minded. Expect the unexpected and hang on. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
SN 1

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