New Release: Jesse’s Reign by Maria Bernard


In sort of a bittersweet manner, we are proud to announce that Maria Bernard’s Jesse’s Reign (Book 4 of These Bones)  is now live!  We are super excited about the release but a bit sad that this is the final book in the series.  But even though it is a Gothstar series, let’s not dwell on the end, but celebrate what you can now get your eyes on!


☆ ☆ ☆ It’s Live!!! ☆ ☆ ☆


❀ Get it now, #BingeRead the entire series!
❀ Official Release Date: January 5, 2016

❀ Jesse’s Reign by Maria Bernard
❀ These Bones Rockstar Romance Series, Book 4
❀ What would you do if you had that one last chance to say hello?

❀ Excerpt:

“I’m not sure if…” Beverly hesitated, wrestling with her conscience. Not sure what? That he was quite possibly the most irresistible man she’d ever met and that she wanted nothing more at that moment than for him to carry her upstairs, strip her down and have his gorgeous way with her. “I’m not sure… I mean, we’re still new to each other and… well, I’m feeling quite vulnerable at the moment.”

“Yes, of course, you are,” Jesse said, taking her face between his palms.


❀ Synopsis:
Imagine, for weeks you’ve been exchanging secret glances with a handsome, mysterious stranger on the subway. He’s so very different from you, in every way. Everything about him screams danger in that, oh, so sexy manner. Chances are your paths would never meet. Yet, no matter how your work day went, you could always count on him being on the very same train, in the very same seat across from you, making you feel like the most desired woman in the world.

What would you do if suddenly all that was about to change? What if a dramatic switch in your daily commute would alter your route in such a way you might never see each other again? Would you simply let it happen? Would you let all those late night fantasies go to waste or would you be brave enough to do something about it?

Jesse Rain, the drummer for the Toronto-based Goth band, These Bones, and Beverly Sparrow, legal secretary, couldn’t be more different, yet their attraction to each other is undeniable. Casting seductive glances at each other is their only form of communication. That’s good enough for Beverly because anything more would be too scary to contemplate. But when she’s faced with the prospect of never seeing him again, Beverly forces her fears aside and does the unimaginable. She asks him out on a date!


★ This series follows the adventures of four members of the Toronto Goth Band, These Bones. In each of the books, you will meet struggling artist and bass player, Falquen Forrester, his fraternal twin, the gregarious singer, Gray Forrester, the impossibly handsome lead guitar player, Darien River, and last but definitely not least the soft-spoken drummer, Jesse Rain.






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And in case this is the first you have heard of this amazing series, you will want to catch the first three books as well.


 In this classic tale of opposites attract, we meet Janie Drago and Falquen Forrester.

Falquen is a moody Goth bass player for local band, These Bones. Besides being a brilliant musician, he is also an up and coming painter with eccentric tastes. He lives alone in his art studio above an artist’s supply shop, The Crypt. Needing a little extra cash, he very reluctantly takes out an ad, renting out the spare room in his apartment.

Janie is a fresh out of art college, watercolorist. She paints happy pictures of gardens and kittens. She’s hoping to dive in head first into Toronto’s art circuit and make a name for herself. To do that, she moves out of her childhood home in the suburbs to find a place in the city.

After a few failed attempts, Janie’s search for a place of her own has gotten desperate.

What happens when fate brings these two polar opposites together?


Darien River is the gorgeous and charming lead guitar player for These Bones, a local goth rock band.

Faith Cromley is an extremely shy introvert. She works at Dave’s Music Shop and does her best to avoid the intimidating clientele. Hiding away in her relatively quiet classical instrument department suits her just fine.

In a twist of fate, these two contrasting individuals are thrust together. Their mutual attraction is undeniable. They instantly fall for each other.

Unfortunately, their budding romance gets thrown off track by an untimely tragedy. Will love be enough to sustain them? Will their relationship survive the emotional upheaval? Will they stick it out through joy and sorrow?




When you’ve been stripped of your soul, bleed out your heart…

Marly Michaels had it all, popularity, good looks, a promising future, and the perfect relationship… or so it seemed. In reality, that perfect relationship was a living nightmare.

With a methodical stripping away of her confidence, her volatile ex-fiancé nearly succeeds in destroying her. She has tried to escape in the past, but in the end, he always finds her.

In one last desperate attempt at freedom, Marly turns to her long-lost childhood friend, Carla, for help. She and her eccentric friends welcome Marly into their circle with open arms.

In the company of Goths, a segment of society shrouded in mystery and speculation, Marly finally finds sanctuary and Gray Forrester.

Gray is the mesmerizing singer for local Toronto band, These Bones. He is a man of many talents, including the ability to heal a wounded spirit. Inexplicably drawn to the sadness in Marly’s eyes, he finds himself compelled to help restore her soul. The trouble is, in order to do that he needs to remain emotionally detached… not an easy task for the gregarious Goth.



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