Book Review: Rock’n Tapestries by Shari Copell

****** Please bear with me as we dig way back into the review files.  I hope my review style has improved a bit over the years! 😉  This first book in particular I know I did not do justice to. ******

Perfect Mix of Plot Twists and Smut Wrapped in a Beautiful Rock ‘n Roll Bow!

January 26, 2014


Rock’n Tapestries Amazon Buy Link

Loved this one so much. I had seen in in the Goodreads giveaways, but decided I had to read it even if I wasn’t a winner. So glad I downloaded Kindle to my laptop a couple of months ago – read this one in a couple of hours one morning over 3 months ago. It has stuck with me so much I had to now add a review here. I can not wait for the sequel!

I guess a lot of this rang some bells of my past, present and future, but overall it was just a fun read with the right amounts of romance and smut; throw a long haired guitarist into the mix and how can you go wrong? For this 80’s rocker chick, you certainly can’t.

I’m trying to find ways to review this without going too deep into spoiler territory. Some of the situations Chels got into were a little over the top, but they worked perfectly to make the story flow. Some of Asher’s reasonings were so illogical – until you’ve spent some time with musicians. As flawed as he is, it again works perfectly for the story. The Swede in me can’t help swooning for Tage as well.

Will definitely be checking out other works by this author, and will highly recommend for those who need a little chick-lit with a touch of smut, and some thriller twists as well.  And don’t forget the rockstar romance basis (love, love, love the rockstars!  and this one is quite memorable) I will be rereading – which is actually pretty rare for me to intentionally do.

For mature audiences over the age of 18 for explicit sexual content.

5 Guitar Small


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