Review: Falling for Chloe by D Stearman

Falling for Chloe by D Stearman (on Amazon)


Rating:  Four Acoustic Guitars

As a reader and reviewer of rockstar romances, Falling for Chloe was a bit of a different read – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all. If you love the rockstar angle, but find the overwhelming amount of erotica in the genre off-putting, this is definitely a book I would recommend for you. It is a completely clean read, with a Christian message, but the Christianity messages are pretty well camoflauged (as in, if you aren’t looking for them, you could miss them.) I picked up on a few here and there, but for the most part I would have to say I didn’t think of it as a Christian book and noticed it more in other reviews than in the actual text of the book. In retrospect, it was there, but as I would prefer religious messages to be, it was rather subtle. That could be the Methodist in me shining through, but it seemed to be just the right amount.

If you can buy the opening where Steven Tyler shows up in a McDonald’s in Nowhere, Kentucky, and tells a kid he seems like a singer and to email him demos, you can buy the rest of it. There is also a insta-love/love-cute scenario built into that fateful McDonald’s trip, but again, if you can accept that, you should be fine with the rest as well. In the fiction world I am willing to suspend disbelief quite a ways, but I will admit that this one pushed my limits in a number of scenarios, which probably is the biggest reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5. (Lol, sadly the one that pretty much pushed me over the edge, was the 1956 Mustang….I am not a huge Mustang fan, but am well aware that the first model year was 1964 1/2….I realize this is minor in the grand scheme of things, but it definitely pulled me out of the scene.) I won’t bring up the others, as in some places they will reveal spoilers, and I realize that not everyone shares my view of reality, especially when it comes to the music business. I don’t have any intentions of being a bubble burster. There is also one medical procedure I highly question being more familiar with the particular issue it addresses than I would like to be, but that one was fairly easy to overlook.

Their are some fantastically witty moments, and plenty of roller coaster emotions. There is a thrilling subplot, that didn’t have a truly shocking ending, but I was a bit surprised, and that plot line had me very invested. It is definitely well written, and I saw only a couple of typo type errors in the entire work.

I have mixed feelings about the titular character. Sometimes I adored Chloe, and others I wasn’t too sure where her head and/or heart were. It would be difficult to truly dislike her. She is sweet and she does have good insight, even if she seems almost heartless about it at times. I guess that means I connected more to the musician, Jacob Marley (The Ghost – loved that reference.) That should be no surprise, I don’t deny having a big draw to musicians. His story hits most of the stereotypes of musicians in any genre who hit superstardom, but I did feel for him.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book, especially for readers who prefer a cleaner read. I recieved a copy for review purposes.


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