Review: Weathering Jack Storm by Lisa Gillis


Weathering Jack Storm by Lisa Gillis

I fell in love Mariss, Jack and Tristan in the first book in the series, and we’ll add at least Randi and Dax in this one. Since I immediately read the next one and the first of the short story series, I am finding it a bit difficult to separate the three for review purposes. The fact that I immediately delved into the rest should give you a pretty good idea of how much I enjoyed it.

I’m a sucker for a good rock star romance (and trust me, not all of them that are out there come anywhere near the good standard, and this series exceeds good.)

Jack, Mariss and Tristan have moved to his lavish home in LA. It is certainly a bit overwhelming of an adjustment for a girl who had scrimped and saved and worked her butt off for every penny for so many years.

A lot of the drama that ensues in this one really is brought on by Mariss’ insecurities, but it is so well written that you completely sympathize with where she is coming from. And being rather familiar with those musician types myself, Jack’s mood swings are very realistically written. Communication has always been an issue for this couple, so it is no surprise that it continues to be as they rather quickly end up living together with her a stranger in a strange land, both geographically and in “his” world. She’s got a great fighting spirit, but so many times you want to yell at her to stop shooting herself in the book. But all in all, it continues to be a very sweet love story.



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