Catching Up

Hello Everyone!  I  want to thank everyone who is sticking around.  You probably wouldn’t believe everything that has been going on – it would read worse than the cheesiest soap opera arc, if you made it medical dramas (thankfully my love life continues to be the brightest part of my life.  To my wonderful husband, my very own rockstar romance, I can never thank you enough.  I truly couldn’t have made it through the last few years without you.  May 2017 bring us the in health, and maybe a touch of the for richer as well, but regardless of what curveballs may Assault us next, I know we can make it through it together.)   Okay, mushiness aside, I am trying to bring myself back to my blogs, particularly this one.  I  am working on best of 2016 awards, including the Reader’s Choice which is in progress on the Facebook page.  I plan to start the final round in the next couple of days, and will start posting the various awards within the next week.  I am embarrassed to realize that all of the 2015 awards were not ever posted, so I will also plan a recap post sometime this month with all of those.


In the meantime, if you follow my reviews , Amazon or GoodReads,  you will know I have been reading and reviewing for the last few months.   I am going to start today posting some of the reviews that have never been published here before.  I know I started that project quite some time ago, and, as there are several years worth to catch up, it will be a long and ongoing process.  I do hope they will help you find some new favorites,  and maybe rediscover some older treasures.


Just a quick note about my reviews for Backstage Books – since this blog is solely dedicated to rockstar romance,  I decided from day one to have some fun with it, and rate with guitars instead of stars.  Any review with “Electrified Guitars” means it is for adult audiences only – which, more than 99% of the time, means the book includes explicit sexual situations.   If this offends you, this probably isn’t the genre for you, as the “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” motto predates my existence  (and though I may forever be 21 at heart, I have more than 21 years experience of being 21.)  I generally give some warnings in my reviews, but as I occasionally overlook the disclaimers, or feel they have already been covered elsewhere in the review, the Electrified covers that.  For the occasional “clean” read, I use either Acoustic, or just Guitars.


I will be slowly working my way back into blog tours and such, very selectively.  As chaotic as things have been, I do not want to risk over extending myself, or, worse, letting down authors and the companies putting together the tours.  I do have one scheduled layer this month that I am really excited about, and think y’all will be too.  It will include author and character interviews – something that, God willing, I will be bringing you on a regular basis.

Thank you , all who have been with me through my unexpected hiatus, and all who are just discovering this blog.  May the rock be with you!


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