Color Me Crazy by CarolPavliska


Color Me Crazy by Carol Pavliska


5 Electrified Guitars for Color Me Crazy

Another treasure that had been on my Kindle for much, much too long! I don’t know how it got buried so deeply, because I know I had been intrigued, but one thing is certain, I won’t be forgetting Julian any time soon! Ahhhh, Julian. Hot, complicated, refreshingly unique, maddening and utterly wonderful Julian. You must meet him!

All my guitar girls, Julian is a must. Oh, and fiesty Cleo is a hoot too. Hotter than the Texas sun when they are together and on the same page, this is one couple you won’t want to miss. Julian’s “quirks” are all consuming, to the reader, as well as to him. There will be times you will be screaming and wanting to throw your Kindle at him (and at Cleo too) but there are other times your heart will just break for him too, and other times he will more primally have you screaming.

Adults only for those primal times, and drug abuse. Goes on my short list of rockstar romance must reads.


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