Blogger Update

As my personal life continues to be chaos, I am going to try to start publishing related reviews here at the same time I publish to Amazon (Backstage Blogs) and GoodReads  (LaDonna) and will fill in older reviews as I find time and energy.  

At this time, I am going to continue my hiatus from blog tours, cover reveals, etc., until I am in a better position to truly commit to them.  I may sneak a few in from time to time for favorite authors, but it is not fair to the authors, PR companies,  or myself, to make commitments I cannot guarantee I can keep.

I am reading and reviewing like mad, and will commit to doing a better job of posting those here.  I am also planning to sneak some author interviews and such in here and there, but, because of the reasons above, I am not going to schedule them and will just surprise you when I can.

I do want to thank everyone for their continued support.

PS – I do still share quote a few promo posts and such on the Facebook page.  Please check out for more current information.

As always, keep rocking!



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