Review: Just an Illusion, Side A by D Kelly

5 Electrified, Emotional, Suspenseful, Passionate Guitars for Just An Illusion, Side A


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This review is probably going to be uncharacteristically short for me. Real life has been more than the usual amount of chaos for me lately, so I am embarrassed to admit that I can’t remember for sure how the ARC of this book wound up on my Kindle, but I am thrilled that it did. I will worry about figuring out where it came from after I devour Side B, because that is taking high priority at the moment. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that it has already been released, because I don’t know how I would handle the wait. (Now is probably a good time to mention that it ends on one hell of a cliffhanger – but even if you here cliffies, as I mentioned book 2 is already out. It is so worth it.)

So, about the book….indie author who doesn’t believe in love has self published a sexy romance that has managed to hit #1 on the NYT list. Her best – and pretty much only – friend is a blogger/editor for a mock music zine. Perfect storm has hugely popular rock and making her an offer she can’t refuse to tour with them and write their official bio, while her bff’s magazine will have exclusive coverage of the tour. I could bore you with some of the amazingly authentic tour details (and a fabulous idea for bands sick of the ticket company which shall not be named that monopolizes the industry and the, um, jerk, who buy blocks of tickets to profit (greatly) on resale, but I digress.) Amazingly hot and sexy twins in the band, along with a couple of equally hot other members. The twins are fraternal, and their personalities polar opposites, but both have major appeal, both to the reader and the heroine. The heroine has been hiding from her past for 12 years, and the mysteries of who she is, why she is hiding, why anyone would have known her, and why she has sworn off musicians are a great way to suck the reader in early in the story, and when she eventually her story, I can honestly say I had no idea. As thrillers/mysteries are my favorite reads when I am not wrapped up in rockstars, this is very, well, thrilling, to me. Especially since the story makes perfect sense even if unexpected. Major kudos to Ms. Kelly on that.

Struggling, not only because I am anxious to sink into “Side B”, but because saying much more about the story itself would easily fall into spoiler category, and I HATE reviews that do that, so pride myself on not going there, no matter how tempting it sometimes is. And right now I would really love to spill all my questions and thoughts on key areas best left out of the review. I will have to suffice with saying it is a very compelling storyline, with plenty of realism (as in, a lot of this really could happen.)

The erotic moments are scorching – made me give some credence to the idea of letting the anticipation build. Beautifully broken characters (well, except one bat crap crazy beotch) will tear you up at times. I don’t think I actually shed tears (which has everything to do with my blackened, jaded soul and nothing to do with the writing) but it certainly pulled feels from depths I am not accustomed to and certainly didn’t expect.

For over 18 audiences for explicit…yada, yada,yada. I haven’t even read the synopsis of Just an Illusion, Side B, and have no intentions of doing so – just hopped onto the page long enough to one click. I want to experience every word without expectation. That may be the greatest praise I can give because I don’t think I have ever done that before. Grab and read.a



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