Review: On the Road (Vagabonds #2) by Jade C. Jamison




When I read the Get Rocked! In Vegas Anthology, I realized that I had never finished reading the Vagabonds series, and I can’t forget the life of me figure out why. At that time, I thought it was only the 3rd book I had missed, but when I started to pull them up I realized I had not read the second either. I guess I just need to thank Get Rocked! for making me see the error in my ways.

A little background, the first Vagabonds book was my introduction to Ms. Jamison, who has since become one of my very favorite authors, so I really am not sure what kept me from, as Paul Harvey would have said, “the rest of the story.” The only excuse I can think of is that I next read Bullet, which is one of my top ten truly moved me novels. It took me quite a while to finish that series as well, but I know the reasons for that. In the meantime, I started catching up on everything else she had written, and found that I loved them all, regardless of the subgenre each book may have been written in. Her romantic comedies make me laugh like few others, her romantic suspense definitely keep me on my toes, her May-December romance brought out unexpected emotions, and her rockstar romances, sigh, well, I have a huge weakness for rockstar romances, and hers are amongst the very best. I cannot recommend ANYTHING by this author any more highly (which makes my oversight of the last 2 books in this trilogy even more bizarre.)


I remember in my review of the first Vagabonds book comparing the band to the iconic Runaways. I can still see the basis for this comparrison, but there is so much more to these young ladies than that summation brings to mind. In some ways it is a moving coming of age story, though that concept falls a bit flat when you realize this coming of age is happening in front of crowds of thousands, at least. The band faces, with varying degrees of destruction, the pitfalls of the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll lifestyle (including the lesser discussed LSD – lead singer disese.) It is young love/first love in the most unusual/difficult of circumstances. It is 5 young women journey across America for an extended period to learn the hardest part of the music business-living in very tight quartvvvvvvvggvvers for too long stretches of time. This is true for any band; I shudder to think how much worse it would be with teenage girls.

As usual, with any Jade C Jamison book, the writing is superb and you will run the gamut of emotions. Highly recommended. As this is Book 2 of a trilogy, Book 1 should be read first. For adult reading only for explicit sexual content and some violence.





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